Eric likes to make big exciting things happen. He created the PBS Off Book web series, as well as PBS Idea Channel along with Andrew Kornhaber and Mike Rugnetta, and PBS Game/Show which is the KB team’s third creation for PBS Digital Studios. In addition to web series, he also gets really excited about spreadsheets, zombies, and all kinds of science fiction.

Andrew is a producer and director dedicated to creating smart content that doesn’t feel like you’re eating your vegetables. He produces Idea Channel, Game/Show, and helps cook up great stuff for KB’s Creative lab. His favorite cartoon growing up was Animaniacs and fervently believes that self-driving cars are going to be awesome.

Gillian is an endless fountain of creativity when it comes to web series development. She has broad experience in TV and digital, and has powerful instincts for talent development. She is also a talented writer with a great sense of humor, and is a genuine “people person”, no joke!

Morgan is a director with a strong web sensibility. He brings an uncommon sense of energy and humor to his work. When he’s not creating beautiful images, making excellent meme references, or telling awesome stories, you’ll probably find him riding a bike some inhumanly long distance.

Scott is a sensitive and intelligent storyteller with an equally powerful ability to create visually striking edits. He’s always looking for a unique angle or a new style element to bring to his work. He’s brilliant but very humble about it. He also says some really weird stuff sometimes.

Lisa is KB’s cool, calm, and collected producer and operations manager who basically runs all of the things. She sits on one of those bouncy office balls, and she’s been doing it for months now, unlike most people who try it and give up after a few days. She’s also a filmmaker and always has awesome projects going on, so google her.

BJ is our resident ninja, getting the job done both in post-production and in production logistics. He supports all of our web series with meticulous attention, and can confidently get his hands dirty in just about every arena of production. To top it off, he has a subversive sense of humor, which always becomes apparent after a few drinks.

Alice has an awesome knack for finding talent and inventing creative show concepts. She’s also a writer, and is working on some interesting personal projects that we can’t reveal here. You’ll have to ask her. A recent NYU graduate, she is dipping her toes into the new world of post-college work, and she’s doing a fine job.