A team of nice people making shows.


eric brown

executive producer, founder

Eric is working hard to create great shows, all the time. He's extremely proud of the work he's done with all of KB's clients and collaborators, and is committed to making the most innovative, forward-thinking, and creative shows he can. He also gets really excited about spreadsheets, city simulation games, and all kinds of science fiction.


andrew kornhaber

showrunner, founder

Andrew is a producer and director dedicated to creating smart shows that don't feel like you’re eating your vegetables. He produces MTV Decoded with Franchesca Ramsey and helps cook up weird/hilarious stuff for KB’s development slate. His favorite cartoon growing up was Animaniacs and fervently believes that self-driving cars are going to be awesome.


noelle smith


Noelle is a mega-talented artist who has designed and animated a number of KB's hit shows, including Pants Off, Braless, and Decoded for MTV, as well as Same Difference for Fusion. She has great comedic instincts, a strong sense of the message, and a colorful style that is uniquely her own.


Rusty Ward


Rusty is a writer/director who has made videos about artificial organs, brainwashing, Spider-Man's web shooters, Occupy Wall Street, a haunted radio, cockney rhyming slang, and quantum teleportation. He's currently the Producer of Space Time and Infinite Series. For his last birthday he wrote his own murder mystery game and forced his friends to play it with him.


Grayson Blackmon

motion & vr animator

Grayson has seen things you people wouldn’t believe… Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orio-… Oh wait, that’s just a quote from one of his favorite movies… Working on PBS Space Time is a perfect fit for this astrophysics loving animator. Combining his love of hyper stylized cyberpunk and clean geometric design, Grayson revels at destroying any motion graphic obstacle in his path.


ray lux


Ray is the talented animator of PBS Infinite Series. He brings finesse and style to a series about really hard math, which is impressive. He also has the ability to watch TV shows while simultaneously getting tons of work done, a skill we've never seen before at KB but one we appreciate very much. And even though his GIF suggests he may not be that funny, he really is damn funny, honestly.


ciera jones

virtual reality developer

Ciera is a VR developer who has created experiences for Oculus, Vive, and now Gear VR. She's cool, calm, and collected amidst piles of code and error messages, and knows how to bring big ideas to life no matter the obstacles. She works on Space Time VR, creating awesome astrophysics experiences for the space geeks around the world.


mike petrow

assistant editor

Mike is an oddball who channels his idiosyncrasies into his work. Always thinking outside of the box, he has become a master of thumbnails and creative thinking. In his spare time, he shoots hip hop music videos and even raps in them! Everything he does is hot fire!


kurt ross

motion graphics artist

Kurt is a motion graphics artist and stone cold chiller. With a background in cell biology, he helps people distill complex ideas into interesting narratives without diluting their juicy substance. He thinks that truth matters, science works, and that the universe is fucking beautiful. When Kurt isn’t working he is usually scaling mountains, frozen waterfalls, and rock faces.
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